Do They Vote For You? Does your elected representative care about you? Do they demand #ClimateAction #SDG13 #SDG7 #SDGs #GlobalGoals for a sustainable future. #ClimateStrike #Democracy

Discover how your MP votes on the issues that matter to you.

Forget what politicians say.

What truly matters is what they do.

And what they do is vote, to write our laws which affect us all.

A Parliamentary Democracy for Everybody

In Australia, every 3 years or so, we all head to polling places across the country to elect individuals to represent us in Federal Parliament. They become Australia’s Members of Parliament (MPs), and they’re there to advocate for the interests of the people who live in their electorate (whether we voted for them or not), vote on our behalf, and pass legislation to create a society which works for us.

They vote for you

Between elections, how do you know that the individual speaking for you, in your electorate, votes in your interest? Have they ever voted against their party on an issue people like you in your electorate care about?

Do they even turn up?

How your MP votes on issues you care about

We’ve peeled back the layers of stuffy jargon, arcane procedures and language so you can find out whether a member voted on expanding powers to intercept communications or for Aboriginal land rights. There is a whole list of policies. If you see one missing, you can add your own.

Find your MP

It’s easy to get started by searching or head to the full list of Representatives and Senators.

Thanks for making this

They Vote For You was built by the OpenAustralia Foundation, an independent, non-partisan not-for-profit. It is based on the ground-breaking UK Public Whip siteoriginally created by Francis Irving and Julian Todd in 2003. We owe Julian and Francis a massive debt of gratitude for everything they’ve done.

A huge thank you to Google Australia whose donation made the development of this project possible.

They Vote For You was created by Henare Degan, Matthew Landauer, Luke Bacon and Katherine Szuminska. Political research for the research and writing of policies before launch was done by the magnificent Micaela Ash and Natasha Burrows.

You can help

Make this project better for everyone by summarising divisions and maintaining and discussing policies. You can also make a tax deductible donation to the OpenAustralia Foundation to support us in creating and maintaining projects like this.

They Vote For You is an Open Source project. That means that a whole community of people add to and help maintain and improve this website in their own big and small ways. The project is hosted on GitHub, where you can find out how to contribute yourself.

— Read on

The ultimate handbook of irrefutable facts for saving the planet and fighting against climate change.

How can we save our planet and survive the 21st century?

How can you argue with deniers?

How can we create positive change in the midst of the climate crisis?

Professor Mark Maslin has the key facts that we need to protect our future.

Global awareness of climate change is growing rapidly.

Science has proven that our planet and species are facing a massive environmental crisis. How to Save Our Planet is a call to action, guaranteed to equip everyone with the knowledge needed to make change. 

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This is your go-to handbook for saving our precious planet.

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It’s time to face the facts and save our planet from, and for, ourselves.

How To Save Our Planet


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