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Give the gift of climate hope this Christmas

Greenfleet restores native forests conserving biodiversity and restoring habitat for wildlife. This Christmas, donate or give gifts to grow native forests and climate hope with Greenfleet.

This Holiday Season grow native forests and climate hope with Greenfleet. 

Give sustainably with a gift that helps protect our climate, wildlife and forests to benefit generations to come. 

It has never been more important to act on climate change.

Donating to Greenfleet this Christmas is a practical way you can make a difference and grow climate hope for the future. Give the gift of climate hope by donating to plant trees or offset emissions today. 

Help build koala habitat

Australia’s wildlife is at risk and we need your help to restore their habitat. A NSW parliamentary inquiry has found koalas will become extinct by 2050 without action to save their native environment. This Christmas your donation or donated gift will restore biodiverse forests and build habitat for koalas and other precious animals. 

Find out more about our koala conservation work here. 

Offset your emissions

Another practical way to take climate action is to offset your carbon emissions.

CarbonCover 365 is a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint for $1 a day. Choose an annual $365 offset or a recurring contribution of $30.42 per month. This will offset the average carbon footprint of a person living in Australia (23 tonnes of CO2-e). Whether for yourself, your family or someone you love, act now on climate change by offsetting with Greenfleet. 

Find out more about CarbonCover 365 here.

About Greenfleet

Greenfleet is a leading not-for-profit organisation focussed on protecting our climate by restoring our forests. We’re Australia’s first carbon offset provider and have been taking climate action for nearly 25 years. 

Since 1997 we’ve planted over 9.6 million trees and created more than 500 native forests across Australia and New Zealand. We plant legally protected biodiverse forests that fight the impacts of climate change while restoring native ecosystems and creating habitat for koalas and other precious wildlife.  

Take practical climate action with us

The United Nations has warned that we are too late to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, but we can still make a difference if we act now.

By taking climate action with Greenfleet, you will be restoring legally protected native forest that will grow beyond this century. Commit to a brighter and more sustainable 2022 by growing climate hope with us.

Donate today for yourself or as a gift to plant forests, create koala habitat and take climate action.

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