Nothing under the kilt: PM presents climate con to the world at #COP26 | Climate Council #CLIMATECRISIS #auspol demand #ClimateAction #SDG13 #NoNewCoal #FundOurFutureNotGas #StopEcocide #Act4SDGs

Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressed world leaders at COP26 in Glasgow overnight in a speech that was light on commitments and credibility, but heavy on spin.

Chief Climate Councillor, Professor Tim Flannery who is on the ground in Glasgow: “First the PM tried to pull the wool over Australia’s eyes when he made a net zero by 2050 announcement without modelling, new funding or any new policy – and now he’s trying to do the same with the rest of the world.”

“Our PM stood up in front of the world and effectively promised to do nothing. If speaking spots at COP26 were determined by the strength and merit of each country’s commitments, then the PM would not have been given the mic,” said Professor Flannery, who has attended five previous COPs. 

Climate Council Head of Research, Dr Simon Bradshaw, who is also at the conference: “Australia is acting as a handbrake on global climate action. Government representatives have promised to spruik gas, a fossil fuel, at this climate conference and are resisting the push to phase out fossil fuels globally.” 

“Australia is coming dead last in the most important race humanity has ever faced. Without a plan to cut emissions this decade or phase out coal and gas – net zero means absolutely nothing,” said Dr Bradshsaw, who has attended five previous COPs. 

Climate Council CEO, Amanda McKenzie, who has attended 3 COP events including Paris: “Aussies front up and help others – like we did during the bushfires. Aussies keep each other honest – by calling out bullshit when we hear it. And Aussies have a proud history of standing beside our allies and fighting for what’s right. 

“If the PM wants to speak on behalf of Aussies then he must announce a strong 2030 emissions reduction target. This protects Australians, our way of life, and all humanity. We can provide more support for our vulnerable neighbours, and our country needs action now, to build solar and wind plants, phase out coal and slash our pollution.” 

The Climate Council recommends that Australia reduce its emissions by 75% (below 2005 levels) by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2035. This is based on rigorous scientific risk assessments.

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