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For many years I have been writing this blog. I began after doing some online open university courses on climate change. One of these courses encouraged students to open a WordPress blog that’s how it began in 2007. I had been aware of the problems of continuous growth after reading Limits to Growth in the 1970s.

Infinite growth on a finite planet is a fantasy

I was a founding member of the Australian Democrats after listening to a speech given at the Perth town hall by Don Chipp in 1977. I knew that politics had to change then and I have been fighting for that change most of my life. I have used my blog to research, relieve my frustrations and try to create an awareness for the need for change.

For me it has been a long journey, forty five years of Neoliberalism has led humanity to the brink of extinction. I have recently discovered Michael Dowd and his amazing work on his blog Post Doom. His work on YouTube is outstanding.

Michael Dowd has put so much effort and time into the ecological crisis humanity is currently facing. His wisdom and understanding is a great way to learn about our situation. Michael has been on a similar journey he introduces his followers to scientists, ecologists and thinkers. It’s comforting to know we are not alone.

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